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FivebyFive are a 4-piece American Hard-Rock band from Columbus, United States. The band formed in 2019 from a collection of bearded softies who met saving a village from rampaging Vikings and who all just couldn't get enough Linkin Park, Dropout Kings and Falling in Reverse. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses big choruses, aggressive guitars and punchy breakdowns with a high energy performance and witty stage banter that will make you want to start wearing diapers out in public.

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"Now hailed as America's next big thing by thier mom's, reaching over 100,000 streams in more than 150 countries and hitting 20k followers. They're hook-laden, energetic, heart-on-your-sleeve performance mixed with their fusion of hard-rock guitars, trap 808s, and gnarly breakdowns creates the perfect balance and tone you'd expect to see from any hungry young up-n-comer.  Definitely a must see!"


- Robert Pulsen, Executive Decisions Promotions -

FiveByFive - "Killing Time" Release Oct, 2022

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